New to braid in dreadlocks?

  • Have you become obsessed with the beauty of dreadlocks?

  • Are you wondering if they will work in your hair?

  • Does it seem a little bit scary to get started with them?

  • Have you always wanted long, gorgeous hair but found growing your hair out to be almost impossible?

  • Are you wanting to change up your hair color and style without damaging your hair with dyes & bleach?

  • Are you curious what all you will need to get started?

I got you girl!

Below I have made a list of all of the



Find the most frequently asked questions below. If we haven't answered all of your questions here feel free to send us an email with any additional questions HERE

At least 2-3 inches long. Our bonus install course will show you how to install them on long or short hair

When cared for and installed properly braid in dreadlock extensions are a protective hairstyle, so they actually help your hair!

The only time you would want to worry about damage is if your hair has been overbleached to the point of being brittle, or if you deal with sever alopecia.

If cared for properly a set of dreadlocks will last you years.

Most women get new sets mostly because they want to mix and match new colors.

I recommend 4-6 weeks of wear time. Once you remove them you can immediately re-install them, or take a break and enjoy your natural hair too.

Most women like to wear 10-14 bundles. That's 50-70 dreads.

  • If you are brand new to dreads we recommend getting started with 10 bundles to get used to them
  • If you have a small undercut 10-11 bundles
  • 1 side shaved, 10-12 bundles
  • If you have brittle hair, mild alopecia, or deal with neck pain, start with 9 bundles to see how you feel

Absolutely! I always say that were bouji hippies, not dirty ones. Most women wash their dreads once a week. Inside our course we show you how to wash your dreads using our Divinity Dreadlock Shampoo Bar

Our wavy dreads are some of the lightest dreadlock styles you will find. A full set is around 13oz.

Adding braids and synthetic hair to your head does take some getting used to.

So sometimes women will notice a little bit of itching, tightness or it will take a few days to get used to the weight.

But we cover the care of all of these things inside our 11 part video course you will get as a Bonus with your dreadlock order.

Ps. If you order a full set (10 bundles or more) you'll get some sample care products to get you started on helping with this too.

This varies for so many women and all depends on if you decide to install them yourself, or have a friend or hairdresser help.

For most women it takes them on average of 4-8 hours for the initial install.

Double ended dreadlocks are installed by simply braiding them in.

If you know how to do a simple 3 strand braid like most of us learned as a little girl, then you already know what to do!

You can install them yourself, have a friend help, or hire your hairdresser to do it for you.

Once your order ships we will send you full course on how to care for and install your dreadlocks.

Super simple!
Your daily routine at first will take about 10 minutes in the AM and 10 in the PM.

Over time as your dreadlocks mature they will get easier to care for and will take less are time each day.

Nope! combing and brushing them will separate the waves and stop the dreading process and can actually ruin them. You will simply separate them twice daily with Crown Nectar to keep them from tangling together.

Many women like to start with a base of their natural root color. Then from there they like to add in highlights, lowlights, accent colors etc.

If you have questions about what color would match best you can send us an email including 3 different photos of your current hair. Inside the email include some details about the look you are going for and our Customer Joy Specialist will help you make your selection.

We got you girl!
When you order 10 or more bundles of dreadlocks (which is a full head/set of them) we are actually going to send you a bunch of things to get you started.

Things like:

  • Dreadtox to wash your dreads before install
  • A sample size of our most popular dreadlock products
  • A full 11 part video course on how to install, care for, and what to expect from your dreadlocks
  • We also give you some of our skincare line to try too!

So you will have everything you need to get started!

We sure do my friend!

Because we want to make sure you LOVE the color you choose, we have our Color Love Guarantee!

This basically says that if you don't love the color of them when they show up at your door, you can send them back and swap them out for another color!

To see our entire policy look HERE

Still have questions?

We get it!
You may still have more questions or want help choosing the color that will fit you best.

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