A Wildcrafted woman is not defined by labels or titles.

She knows she can be both feisty and sweet, kind and bold, creative and organized.

She knows she can walk in both unity and uniqueness.

She is defining her own self because she knows the woman she was told to be is not the woman she is to become.

She can embrace both her masculine and her feminine without having to tie judgment or definition to what that means

She can be empowered while also being empowering.

She can reach for extraordinary things while admiring where she is right now in this very moment.

She can become, while already being, and let go of without leaving behind.

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She can love and lust and live and let go and keep secrets, while simultaneously being an open book.

She can be known, while she herself is discovering the greatest secrets of who she was meant to become.

She can love foolishly while being guarded with wisdom.

She can value knowledge while embracing the passionate free spirit that bursts from inside her.

She can fully live, while letting the pieces that aren't her die in a place they weren't meant to continue on from.

Like a wildflower, she can grow in space where no one planned for her to be, and she can shine sitting at a table she never expected to sit at.

In this adventure of a world she knows she can climb a tree...or keep her feet on the ground, because like a woman in the woods alone there’s no one to see, how she chooses to embrace her authority.

She can rise among the leaves or stand upon the soil leaving her mark in the dirt that states.

She’s here, she’s made to be first. To stand her ground, to love, to honor, to respect and be respected.

She can show up, by deciding not to go, she doesn't need to say yes when she wants to say no.

She can love herself. Yes, truly love.her.self. With every inner self respecting action she makes the world better by simply, just existing.

She can be both free, and expensive, passionate, and laidback, bold, and yet quiet, kind and elusive and audacious, and agreeable, and fearless and guarded, and fierce and bold.

She can look and be one way today and different the next because no one gets to put a label on who she is and who she is becoming.

Because....she’s wildcrafted, and only she gets to define what that means!