• Divinity Shampoo Bar - For All dreadlocks + Fine/Curly Natural Hair
  • Divinity Shampoo Bar - For All dreadlocks + Fine/Curly Natural Hair
  • Divinity Shampoo Bar - For All dreadlocks + Fine/Curly Natural Hair
  • Divinity Shampoo Bar - For All dreadlocks + Fine/Curly Natural Hair

Divinity Shampoo Bar - For All dreadlocks + Fine/Curly Natural Hair

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One 4.8 oz moisturizing shampoo bar and one anti-frizz shampoo bag


Smells Like:
Rosemary & Geranium. A cool scent with a hint of floral notes.


Feels Like:
Soothing, buttery, cooling moisturizing cleanser. This shampoo will not leave your hair or scalp feeling stripped of moisture, but will instead fill your locks & scalp with moisture from natural oils & butters to help prevent itching, dry skin, and brittle dry hair. The lightly cooling effects of rosemary helps stop & prevent itchy scalp.

You step in the shower, hair in a bun, today is the day you have been waiting for. It’s wash day, and your scalp is screaming for the moisture it desperately craves. The water hits your head as it creates a path between your braids. You feel the Scalp & hair moisture like you have never, ever felt before!

You reach for your shampoo bar hanging inside the anti frizz shampoo bag & as the water hits it the cooling, refreshing aroma of rosemary bursts into your senses. You then begin to smell the divine geranium oils that are about to dive into your cells to love on your hormones.

You rub the shampoo bar in tiny circles onto your scalp and you can feel the moisture being sucked into your skin. The apple cider vinegar is chasing down your skins PH to bring it into alignment.

*sighhhh* This is the relief you have been craving!

You continue to wash your scalp & then move onto your dreadlocks to gently cleanse them. You then give them a simple rinse, wrap them in a towel and step out of the shower to head to your vanity to continue your wash day routine.

We recommend using Crown Nectar to separate your dreadlocks after a hair wash.


For hair & scalp:
- Balance skin's oil production
- Deeply moisturizing
- Support brittle hair to prevent breakage
- Balances PH in both hair & scalp with a special formulation of ACV & plant butters/oils
- Protect from split ends
- Locks up hair shaft for more strength
- Encourages hair growth & thickness
- Anti-inflammatory
- Promotes skin healing
- Can help soothe eczema & Psoriasis
- Promotes cell regeneration in skin 


For synthetic dreadlocks:

- Add moisture & shine
- Reduce static & frizziness 
- Soften dreadlocks to touch & for better movement prevents breakage
- Add fragrance to your dreadlocks
- Sanitize & keep hair clean between washes


Coconut oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Sweet almond oil, Apricot kernel oil, Lye, castor oil,Kokum butter, Mango butter, Shea butter, Rosemary & Geranium essential plant oils, Aritha (Sapindus mukorossi, soapnut, soapberry, Reetha, washnut, ritha), Sodium lactate (Salt for hardening & curing soap)


Contains Vitamins A, E,

How to use:

Wet shampoo bar inside shampoo bag then rub in your hands to begin the lather. Then gently rub the shampoo bar in a small circular motion on your scalp. Flip your head upside down and then using a praying hands technique rub the shampoo bar down one side of your dreadlocks and then the other. Massage the shampoo into your scalp by using a scalp massager. Then rinse thoroughly.

Because our products are made with all raw ingredients, and we do not use any additives or preservatives, we recommend you use your products within 90 days of purchase.

Artisan blended & crafted in Amarillo, TX USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Samantha R.
Wash Day is BEST Day!

I used to hate wash days, hair heavy, scalp itchy afterwards. Wildcrafted Beauty shampoo bar is fantastic! Keeps my scalp so moisturized that my head isn't dry or itchy at all. Wash day has become my favorite!

YAY Samantha! Who knew wash days could turn into spa days? So happy to hear you love our shampoo bar and that it's transformed your day! Thanks girl!


So soothing and moisturizing and smells great. Necessary for the dread wearer.


This product is so nourishing to my hair, and scalp. It smells like absolute heaven. I could smell the product before I even opened the box it came it. Leathers very well. Fast shipping as well. Beautifully packaged, highly recommend. Will definitely be ordering again.


Love it


I love Berlin’s products for her hair they are truly amazing and if you have dreads or thinking to buy dreads - this right here is a must have …

Bars Bars Bars!!!!

The Naked Facial Bar & the Divinity Shampoo Bar is OVER THE TOP for me. I’ve bought each product on the website for skin & haircare. My skin feels & looks amazing as does my hair (I have naturally curly hair, thinning & brittle). My bathroom smells amazing from these bars too making me feel like I’m entering a spa. The prices are a little high so with the economy I’m rationing my ‘essential buys’ but I DID put this on the monthly purchase. You won’t be disappointed. Bravo!


I was iffy about a shampoo bar, but my hair feels so clean and refreshed after washing.
These products are amazing!

Larissa f.

Second shampoo bar I have bought. Love this one way more! Still learning the best way to use it but it works on my natural hair also and I love tht!


First time having a shampoo bar it's a learning experience but I really like it!

Teresa F.
Best I have ever used!

I got this for my dreads and it works beautifully but what I didn’t realize is that I would love it so much even with my dreads out I still use it! I haven’t used my other shampoo since this one came in the mail. Beautifully packaged, comes with a soap bag to put it in, and just a wonderful product. Thank you