• Unwind - Sweet Calming Body Oil
  • Unwind - Sweet Calming Body Oil

Unwind - Sweet Calming Body Oil

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50 ML of peaceful sweet body oil

Feels like:

Smooth moisturization that glides across your body and leaves your skin protected while the plant oils lock in to provide moisture that is absorbed into your body and is never drying.

Smells like:

luxury cupcake frosting. The scent of vanilla resin that can be seen in the oil blend with our restful, peace bringing vetiver serum calms your senses while adding a hint of sweetness that brings the joy filled moments of childhood back to your memories.


The baby has been teething, your boss has been on your case at work and your feet feel numb from being on them all day. You meant to eat today, but again you settled for 3 cups of cold coffee and 3 bites of an old protein bar you found in your purse….

Life has been hectic lately, but tonight, grandma has the kids and you finally have a chance to slide into a warm bath for the night. You slide into the tub, soak with a good book and a glass of wine. You've been in so long that you have had to re-run warm water twice, but this is just what your soul needed.

You lift out of the water, step your toe out of the tub, press your heel onto the cool tile as you wrap in your favorite oversized bath towel.  You step in front of the mirror, you've just applied your naked facial serum, and now you reach for what you've been waiting for, your Unwind Body Oil.

You put 3 pumps in the palm of your hand and the aroma of warm vanilla fills you down into your soul, so much you can almost taste it. You breathe in its sweetness as you take your last sip of wine.

Then the calming hits you, the vetiver, the lavender, they pour onto your skin and into your soul as though it's taking a deep drink of peace….this is the most calm you ever remember feeling…

50 ML of peace is ready for you.



 -Moisturizes skin the way the earth meant it to be


-Helps promote a relaxing mood & bring a peaceful response to your body systems


-Calms your body for sleep on a cellular level. The plants dive into your skin, through your cells and into your bloodstream for a natural calming effect.


- Like all of our products this one is created with your female hormones in mind. It Does NOT harm hormones, but instead includes ingredients that loves on all your hormones & body systems & encourages all of them to balance naturally.  We don't use hormone damaging chemicals or ingredients, instead ones that actually help feed your hormones & body systems.



Apricot Oil, jojoba oil, WE crafted blend of sweet & serene essential oils


Store outside of direct sunlight


How to use:

Put 2-3 pumps of oil in the palm of your hands, smooth together & massage your beautiful skin to moisturize & calm your body. She makes a gorgeous aftershave for your lovely smooth skin. Berlin's favorite way to use this is to apply it to her legs and feet before bed each night to calm her body before she slides into bed.

Because our products are made with all raw ingredients, and we do not use any additives or preservatives, we recommend you use your products within 90 days of purchase.

Artisan blended & bottled in Amarillo, TX USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Sabra D.

I absolutely love the divinity and earth oils (even better together!!) They both smell amazing, and work wonders on my dreads and natural hair. I use these in my regime with the shampoo bar and facial products from here!! They are all a must!! If your on the fense, jump! Heres your push ;)

Thanks for the push Sabra D! ;)
Earth and Crown together is divine!
We may have something coming up that you're gonna LOVE...
Thanks for the review girl!

Linda C.
Obsessed 😜

I found y’all on TikTok for my oils for dreads then I found this amazing oil or nectar from the GODS!!!!😜 I have to put on several times a day- plzzzzz make a perfume - hint hint!! Oh and ty for my lip roller I got a few months ago!!!!

Linda C! Thank you for this amazing review.
We're thrilled and just happen to agree that our Earth oil is like nectar from the gods!
We love the perfume idea - stay tuned! You're so welcome for the lip serum girl.


I love the smells! Everyone compliments me all the time!


Fantastic! Love the scent and how soft my skin feels with this oil! And I love love love that it is all natural!

Christina H.
Softest skin

I absolutely love how this makes my skin feel so moisturized and soft. I'm not really big on the scent but it's not overpowering and I still use it nightly.

Hey Christina H! We love hearing that our Unwind Body Oil leaves your skin soft and moisturized, even if the scent isnt your favorite.
We appreciate your honesty and glad to hear it's not overpowering for you.


My favorite scent of all time!

Earth and Unwind

I just recently received the Earth and Unwind oils. They are absolutely amazing. Sinks right into your skin leaving an amazing aroma for the entire day! I put them together for “The Rapture” scent and OMG. Beyond words. Will 110% be ordering regularly.

Holly, yay! We are thrilled to hear Earth and Unwind body oils have you feeling amazing and smelling divine all day long!! The Rapture blend is definitely a match made in heaven! Thanks for your review girl!

Hollie S.
New obsession!

I absolutely love Earth oil. It moisturizes so well and the smell is beautiful. I am instantly uplifted whenever I put it on. Also, the husband is equally as obsessed! 😉

Yay Hollie! Earth is like bottled happiness, isn't it! So glad you and your husband are loving it!

Bobbie J.
Unwind Oil

I love the lightweight moisture this oil gives my skin. It also smells amazing! Definitely a go to grab everyday. I have actually quit wearing perfume since using this oil.

Hey Bobbie J! We love using Unwind everyday too... before bedtime especially for a light soothing scent.

Get them! You won’t regret it!

I received the duo with my new set of dreads but will be purchasing on its own. The sents are amazing, the oil absorbs well and does not have a greasy feeling. The combinations are perfect for everyday use. Not to mention these are designed by woman for women! Yes please!