• Naked Facial Basic Bundle
  • Naked Facial Basic Bundle
  • Naked Facial Cleansing bar from The Wildcrafted Essentials has the Benefits of Moisturizes skin for anti aging benefits, Fights off blemishes & breakouts, Clears away grime and yuck of the day, Latches onto toxins to pull them away from skin Works to lighten dark spots on the skin & even ,skin tone Removes dead skin with the power of glacial clay, Balances PH in the skin, Antibacterial & Antiseptic properties, Aids in reducing excess (too much) oil production,
  • Naked Facial Basic Bundle
  • Naked Facial Serum from The Wildcrafted Essentials has the benefits of the ability to Reduce & restore blemishes ,Roll away puffiness ,Encourage cell regeneration for repairing, balancing and renewing damaged cells in the skin ,Antibacterial while keeping good flora on the skin ,Smoothe fine lines & love on wrinkles ,Renew, detox & firm skin.
  • Naked Facial Serum from The Wildcrafted Essentials has the benefits of the ability to Reduce & restore blemishes ,Roll away puffiness ,Encourage cell regeneration for repairing, balancing and renewing damaged cells in the skin ,Antibacterial while keeping good flora on the skin ,Smoothe fine lines & love on wrinkles ,Renew, detox & firm skin.
  • Naked Facial Basic Bundle

Naked Facial Basic Bundle

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One 4.5oz  Facial Cleansing bar
One 20ml pump bottle of the Naked Facial Serum
This bundle is a 30 -45 day supply depending on amount used

Naked Facial Cleansing bar
Feels like: Silky smooth moisturizing cleansing bar that leaves your skin feeling the most alive, soft and refreshed you have ever felt. It leaves NO build up on your skin, and STOPS the washing away of oils so your skin will not be left tight, and dry. But rather smooth, moisturized, gently and naturally exfoliated with a balancing of PH in your skin.
Smells like: A bright aroma of tea tree, lavender & juniper. It’s refreshing scent feels like you're standing on the edge of a cool mountain just outside your luxury bathroom cabin doors. 

Naked Facial Serum
Feels like: Gives you soft smooth skin that is moisturizing without feeling greasy, heavy, or thick.
Smells like: A wisp of geranium & chamomile with an overlay of the other 14+ plant oils included in this moisturizing, skin balancing serum.

Benefits of this Bundle:

 -Rich, smooth and creamy


- Extremely moisturizing without being heavy or leaving residue for skin for anti wrinkling benefits


- Fights off blemishes & breakouts while restoring them


- Clears away grime and yuck of the day


- Latches onto toxins that cause aging and breakouts to pull them away from skin


- Works to lighten dark spots on the skin & even skin tone


- Removes dead skin with the power of glacial clay


- Balances PH in the skin


- Antibacterial & Antiseptic properties while keeping good flora on the skin


- Aids in reducing excess (too much) oil production


-Encourage cell regeneration for repairing, balancing and renewing damaged cells in the skin


-Smooth fine lines & love on wrinkles


-Renew, detox & firm skin


-Is like plant vitamins for the skin as the serum dives into each skin cell


- Like all of our products this one is created with your female hormones in mind. It Does NOT harm hormones, but instead includes ingredients that loves on all your hormones & body systems & encourages all of them to balance naturally.  we don't use hormone damaging chemicals or ingredients, instead ones that actually help feed your hormones & body systems


Possible purging for those who struggle with breakouts. It's a season of your skin pushing the “yuck” out so it can seek revival & restoration. In some people when switching skincare the skin will purge out toxins, this can cause blemishes as your body beautifully does it’s job to cleanse those away. After a few weeks your skin will complete the process and you will watch your skin begin to glow! If you know your skin tends to purge more than others, begin by using the serum 1 time a day for the first 7 days, then proceed to twice a day. 



You walk in from a long, busy, exhausting day. Your makeup is deeply set into your skin, and you feel the dried beads of sweat resting underneath the layers of dusty air from the wind blown day.

You hop in the shower, and reach for the rich smooth, creamy, aromatic bar of goodness on the shower shelf. You can’t wait to feel the cool aroma of tea tree touching your skin.  You gently massage the cleanser onto your tired cheeks seeking the NAKED face feeling you desperately desire. You feel the soft moisture filling your skin as it gives a smooth lather that clears away the day while the lavender soothes your sweet cheeks.

As you step out of the shower into the steam of the room you reach for your Facial serum, gently pressing 2 pumps into the palm of your hand. The aroma hits you like a peace and youthfulness you once had, but have come to miss. You gently lather the Naked facial serum onto your face and neck as the essential oils sink deeply into every cell of your body.


Bright, sweet, soft, fresh skin is what you desire. You want to feel young and vibrant, while aging with a beauty that screams “I so fiercely love this life of mine”.

The activated charcoal in the Facial Cleansing bar latches onto the things trying to pull the perfection away from your soft skin and drags it down the drain. The glacial clay rehydrates your skin to make it feel like it was misted by the clean mountain air that improves skin tone and pulls away dry flakey skin to bring you a beautiful smooth touch of skin royalty. We've added our magic fairy dust, Aritha powder, to this bar to create a natural lather created not from chemicals, but from the saponin of berries found in India.


The NAKED Facial Serum is filled with sweet aromas & skin balancing formulations created to bring balance to your skin in the age that it is. Filled with over 14 skin adoring plant oils this serum is brought from the earth, to your skin just screaming to love you as the ground was made to. It’s created to love on your skin’s fine lines by pouring moisture and adoration into your skin that screams “Age dear Queen, and become more beautiful as you do!”. The plant oils increase cell function & regenerate to tighten your skin. It dives in to restore the skin that carries blemishes and breakouts from the stresses of life.


Facial Cleansing Bar Ingredients:
Apricot Kernel Oil, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Kokum Butter, Mango Butter, Juniper, Lavender & Tea Tree essential plant oils, ritha (Sapindus mukorossi, soapnut, soapberry, Reetha, washnut, ritha),Charcoal, Glacial Clay

Facial Serum Ingredients:
Jojoba oil, colloidal silver, WE crafted skin balancing blend of 14 plant essential oils.

How to use: 
Store outside of direct sunlight

Because our products are made with all raw ingredients, and we do not use any additives or preservatives, we recommend you use your products within 90 days of purchase.

Artisan blended & bottled in Amarillo, TX USA

This Serum is manufactured in a facility that uses nut oils.


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Andrea A.
Omg life saver!!!

I have had issues on my face for some time and I couldn’t find any moisturizer that would help. The inner corners of my eye brows I have been struggling with dry red patches. That was until I met Berlin and found this product!! Hands down amazing

YAY Andrea!! So glad our Naked Facial Serum helped your skin!! We agree - it's amazing!

Melissa B.
My Go-To Bundle

Love this bundle. It's my new go-to! The Charcoal and Glacial Clay are probably my two favorite ingredients in the Facial Cleansing Bar. My teenage son and I both use it -- it helps a ton with his acne and it keeps my skin healthy, cleansed and balanced. The Naked Facial Serum is amazing. It truly feels like a decadent treat for my skin. Will continue buying these two for a long time to come.

Miracle Product

I've been using this set for many months now. Before I started using it my skin was in a very bad place. Patches of eczema and rashes galore. I used dermatologist recommended products and it just wasn't helping. I switched to this and my skin has never been better! I KNOW FOR A FACT that this is what changed my skin because I ran out for a couple weeks and reverted back to my old ways and BAM! Rashes and eczema returned. 😖 I'm pretty sure I heard my skin give an audible sigh of relief when I applied my new bottle. My favorite part is that it is SIMPLE! If there is 10 steps, I won't stick to it. This is literally all I use. I use the soap for my face & body.


I have used the same face wash for YEARS. I decided to try something different and I am so happy that I did! The cleansing bar leaves my face so clean and when I put the serum on…WOW! My face has less breakouts and is evenly colored without redness! SO happy I switched!! 🤍

Hey Stephanie C! Thanks for this glowing review!!
We love hearing that our cleansing bar and facial serum has worked wonders for your skin.
Good job on stepping out and trying something new that truly makes a difference in your complexion and your confidence!

Best Ever!!!

I will never use anything else to wash my face! And the facial serum is AMAZING! It’s moisturizes, smooths, and leaves my skins feeling fantastic. My skin LOVES this stuff!!!

Amazing and Travel- friendly

I have THE most sensitive skin on the planet. I didn’t have one breakout, itch or irritation with these life-changing products. I love that it is simple and I can easily pack these with my busy lifestyle. It has helped with hyperpigmentation. I love makeup but I live having the option of being makeup free too. Oh and it smells delicious - but not irritating or overbearing.

Found my Thing

I’ve NEVER had a beauty routine. I don’t wear a lot of makeup and never felt the need. However, when I tried the Naked Facial Bundle I was hooked.
I have two bars, one for the sink and one for the shower so there’s no excuse not to feel fabulous!! My face is so soft and smooth. I’ve also noticed my neck and chest feeling smoother and skin bumps have actually gone away. Did I mention I’m 53? These products are a game changer for me!!! Love them!!


Absolutely love everything about the Naked Bundle! The natural scents are so relaxing and soothing. It’s intoxicating the way the serum naturally moisturizes my skin and makes me feel like I glow. The simplicity of this combined with the Naked Facial Bar creates a system I can actually commit to and enjoy. LOVE!!

Shanna F.
So Simple!

I have always had so many products that did different things and now using these two I’ve been able to stop paying tons of money for different products!

I love the way my skin feels after I’ve cleansed with the facial bar and then how my skin soaks up the facial serum.

I’ll be a lifelong customer! 🤍

since last night, my new acne that’s come up has now shrunk in size

I used your skin care products for the first time last night, and I woke up this morning and can already tell a difference in my skin! I’ve been breaking out on my cheeks for a couple months now and I had been getting it under control.. however, since last night, my new acne that’s come up has now shrunk in size and my discoloration looks a lot better! What the heck! I’m very impressed!