• Dread Tox - Cleanse & Detox Dreads Before Each Wear
  • Dread Tox - Cleanse & Detox Dreads Before Each Wear
  • Dread Tox - Cleanse & Detox Dreads Before Each Wear
  • Dread Tox - Cleanse & Detox Dreads Before Each Wear

Dread Tox - Cleanse & Detox Dreads Before Each Wear

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Three, 200ml pouches of Dreadlock Detox & Cleanser. 

Smells Like:
Scent free once rinsed and dried, but the product itself will have an apple cider vinegar smell while the detox is in process

Feels Like:
A deep breathe of relief because you have the confidence that you have detoxed your dreadlocks and/or synthetic hair and know it's completely safe, clean and prepared to go on your body!

Experience :

You just got a brand new set of dreadlocks, yay! But one thing you know for sure is that because they will be sitting on your skin, you want to make sure they are ready for the new relationship they have with your body! 

Now you can be confident that each time you install your dreadlocks they have been fully cleansed and are ready for a new experience.

It's recommended that you use Dread Tox before your very first install, and again in between installs to thoroughly cleanse away oils, dirt, grime, sweat, and really anything that could be on your dreadlocks. This will give you a fresh clean start for your next install.


For hair, scalp & synthetic dreadlocks::

-Remove any chemicals hair factories may have added to the hair

-Help prevent itching & rashes that can be caused by synthetic hair that has not been detox

-Be confident that what is going on your scalp is safe for your body

-Add some PH balance to your dreads before they go on your head

-Cleanse away any product from previous wears so you know they are fully cleaned & ready for your next install


Apple Cider Vinegar, Colloidal Silver, Aritha Powder

How to use:


Put entire packet in a mixing bowl & whisk for 1 minute or until bubbles begin to form. Add 1 cup hot faucet water, then place dreads in the bowl. Fill bowl with enough water to cover the dreads, swish dreads around & let soak for 1hr.

Rinse 2-3 times with hot faucet water thoroughly, the ACV scent will completely dissipate once dreads have dried.

1 pouch will detox and entire set of dreadlocks, 45-70 dreads total


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Alexis B.
Amazing company and quality

I cannot say enough about the customer service, quality and company as a whole. Everything product I've used for the dreads not only smells good but does exactly what it states. The customer service is absolutely incredible and as hands on as you need. This is the first set (now two) that I have purchased and had installed and after almost 48 years of life, I feel more like myself than I ever have. I haven't received compliments on my hair from strangers in years. I have Female Pattern Baldness and had to shave my head twice and it did hurt my self esteem, being able to have long curly hair while helping to protect my hair is priceless. Berlin and team give you all the tools and information needed for this transformation. Seriously worth every penny and more. Thank you 💜

Alexis B!! Your review brings us so much joy!
This is why we do what we do, why we create the products and the dreads we bring to you ladies.
And why we love and are so honored to be apart of transformations like your's.

Katrina R.
Cleaning dreads has never been easier!

I appreciate the ease of being able to clean and detox my dreads before every install!

Hey Katrina! We love that our Dread Tox is making dread maintainance a breeze!!

Stacey S.

The detox did a great job cleaning and detoxing my dreads. Easy to use and no after smell. Highly recommend 👍🏼

YAY Stacey! Thanks for the high recommendation for our detox girl!!


This makes it so much easier to just refill my cute glass bottles and reuse them instead of throwing away.