• Smokey Amber - SHORT Dreadlock Bundle of 5
  • Smokey Amber - SHORT Dreadlock Bundle of 5
  • Smokey Amber - SHORT Dreadlock Bundle of 5
  • Smokey Amber - SHORT Dreadlock Bundle of 5
  • Smokey Amber - SHORT Dreadlock Bundle of 5
  • Smokey Amber - SHORT Dreadlock Bundle of 5
  • Smokey Amber - SHORT Dreadlock Bundle of 5

Smokey Amber - SHORT Dreadlock Bundle of 5

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5 SHORT Wavy Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions with a 6 inch Smooth Flex Braid Combo section that allows dreads to fall in a more natural pattern. The dreadlocks are 24-26 inches in length from end to end, and measure about 13 inches once folded in half. These are exactly half the length of our long dreadlocks.

Looks like:
This girl is a dynamic beauty! She is a blend of medium brown & icy white fibers that give her an effect that almost seems to change colors each day. She often looks silver, sometimes salt and pepper, other times she gives a vibe that she could be a bright blue! She's great for someone who wants a brown & blonde combo and would be loved by a woman who is growing out her natural grays!

Feels Like:
Smooth soft wavy hair, the texture is much like a soft barbie hair. Our dreadlock section is made with a combination of our Smooth Flex Texture and a braid. The Smooth Flex is created to specifically grab onto your natural hair to better hold your dreadlocks in place. And the braid is to increase comfort on your scalp and allows you to have more movement, comfort, less itching and move in a more natural way.

Details :

You wake and sit up in bed...
It's been 2 weeks since you installed your short Wildcrafted Dreads!
You walk to the bathroom and look in the mirror... "Stunning!" You think to yourself.

You cannot ever remember a time you woke up feeling like you are glowing like this, and to know you are just minutes from being ready for the day.

You throw your dreads in a bun, take a quick shower and hop out!
You smooth some Naked Facial serum on your face, put on a swoop of mascara and let your bun down. 

3 minutes....that's all the time you have spent in front of the mirror and you feel almost ready! 

You give your scalp a quick spritz of Cooling veil to moisturize, then a few pumps of Crown nectar as you run it through each stand of your dreadlocks. 

You finish by grabbing a wildcrafted scrunchie and you breathe a sigh of relief that you have the cutest messy bun or perfect ponytail so effortlessly!

"This is who I have always wanted to be" you say out loud. 

It's the most alive you have ever felt, the most free and the biggest expression of yourself that has been held inside, has now burst forth!

Your a Wild Woman! And you have finally come home to yourself!

Installation & Removal:

Wildcrafted dreadlocks are simply braided in using 2 pieces of your natural hair + 1 dreadlock. You will then use the 3 total pieces to create a basic braid that will secure them into your hair and secure with an elastic/rubber band. 

The soft braid on these short dreadlocks lays gently against the scalp to create the maximum amount of comfort.  Gently lay the braid against the scalp and begin to braid onto the Soft Flex dreaded section.

Because these are simply braided in they will not cause any damage to your hair and will actually work to help protect your hair from the use of heat and chemicals in hair products.

To remove the dreadlocks you simply remove the rubber band and unbraid your hair from it.

Bonuses You Get!: 

With every new Bundle of dreadlocks you purchase you will get more magical bonuses!

We want to be sure you are totally confident in both the installation, care and wear of your dreadlocks.

So with every purchase of dreadlocks you will receive 

  • A Dreadlock Installation Course
  • A Guide on all my favorite products, tools & accessories to use with Wildcrafted Dreads
  • A packet of our NEW Dread Detox to cleanse your dreads before installation

PLUS!  As you purchase more Dreadlocks, you increase your Bonus Magic!! The more bundles you order, the more Magic we will be giving you!

  • 1-2 Bundles - $7 in Bonus Magic
    • Small Dread Tox Detox Pouch

  •  3-5 Bundles - $36 in Bonus Magic
    • Small Dread Tox Detox Pouch
    • Divinity Crown Nectar Sample Bottle

  •  6-9 Bundles - $71 in Bonus Magic
    • Full Size Dread Tox Detox Pouch
    • Divinity Crown Nectar Sample Bottle
    • Cooling Veil Sample Bottle

  •  10-13 Bundle- $135 in Bonus Magic
    • Full Size Dread Tox Detox Pouch
    • Divinity Crown Nectar Sample Bottle
    • Cooling Veil Sample Bottle
    • Naked Facial Basic Bundle Sample Pack
    • Ambrosia Hair & Body Oil Duo

    Order details:

    You MUST be subscribed to our email list to receive your dreadlock course. This course is sent through an automated system once your dreadlocks ship. If you have unsubscribed from emails from us we are not legally able to send you your dreadlock course.

    All Bonuses will ship with your orders

    International shopping link is HERE

    For details on our Color Love Guarantee look HERE

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Tianna B.

    Literally the easiest hair I've ever had!

    Agreed Tianna B!
    Thanks girl! We love these short dreads!

    Jennifer B.
    Worth the $$$

    These are so soft, light and the colors are magical

    We totally agree Jennifer B!
    The colors are enchanting. We believe in providing the best to our customers.
    Thanks for your review!

    Smokey Amber

    Stunning color with coloring changing effect depending on the light!!!

    Yes queen!
    And we agree! Smokey Amber is our color/light reflecting queen!
    Thanks for your review Eleanore!


    Great quality amazing service


    These dreads are so soft and comfortable! I loved the long ones, and I knew the short ones would be just as good!! I'm so excited to switch up colors this summer!