• Divinity Crown Nectar - Moisturize, Tame Frizz, Strengthen
  • Divinity Crown Nectar - Moisturize, Tame Frizz, Strengthen
  • Divinity Crown Nectar - Moisturize, Tame Frizz, Strengthen
  • Divinity Crown Nectar - Moisturize, Tame Frizz, Strengthen

Divinity Crown Nectar - Moisturize, Tame Frizz, Strengthen

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One 100ml bottle of moisturizing & de-frizzing Crown Nectar in a gorgeous, cooling & floral Divinity scent.

Smells Like:
Rosemary & Geranium. A cool scent with a hint of floral notes.

Feels Like:
Moisturizing hair serum that is fine in weight & calming to scalp soreness

Experience :

You wake up, pull your bonnet off your head, step in front of the mirror, look up…. Still frizzy!


You can try & prevent the frizz, but some of it will still happen. Your morning routine for dreadlock separation can take some time when you are first working on decreasing frizz & encouraging the locking process.


You reach for the bottle of Crown Nectar, put a pump in your hand and smooth it down a chunk of your long gorgeous locks! You then begin to gently separate each dread, detangling and watching as the shine & smoothness comes back!


You repeat the process 4 more times and finish by adding in ½ pump around your scalp to reduce your frizz halo. You smell the clean, light aroma of this Divine Nectar as the cool, awaking scent with a hint of floral fills your senses. Dreadlock separation has never been this easy!


When using it on your natural hair you love that it only takes ½ a pump to rejuvenate your ends and calm down any frizz. 


For hair & scalp:
- Reduce dandruff
- Moisturize scalp & hair
- Protects scalp from damage
- Conditions hair
- Anti-inflammatory
- Antibacterial


For synthetic dreadlocks:

- Add moisture & shine
- Reduce static & frizziness 
- Soften dreadlocks to touch & for better movement
- Prevents breakage
- Add fragrance to your dreadlocks
- Sanitize & keep hair clean between washes


Contains Vitamins A, B6,C, E, K


Almond oil, Jojoba, Apricot oil, Avocado oil, Castor oil, colloidal silver, WE crafted blend of plant essential oils


Contains Vitamins A, B6,C, E, K

How to use:

On Dreadlocks - Put one pump of oil into the palm of your hand, rub both hands together & run your hands down a group of dreadlocks. Then go one by one running your hand down each dread to separate your locks, remove tangles and reduce frizz. This will help your dreadlocks lock together more quickly and make maintenance easier & faster. Most sets of dreadlocks take 4-5 pumps total to separate an entire head of dreadlocks (50-65 locks) . Use ½ a pump to calm down halo frizz around the scalp. This formula contains an antibacterial for sanitizing your dreadlocks.


On natural hair - Put ½ a pump in the palm of your hand and then lightly smooth hands over your hair to calm frizz & moisturize. Great for use on split ends and for helping repair damaged, weak hair.


For use as a scalp treatment/synthetic dreadlock removal scalp treatment - After combing out fallaways on dreadlocks gently massage Crown Nectar onto the scalp as needed. Cover with a satin cap or shower cap and let sit for 30-60 minutes. Then wash with the Dreadlock Shampoo Bar and condition as needed for a thorough comb through.

Because our products are made with all raw ingredients, and we do not use any additives or preservatives, we recommend you use your products within 90 days of purchase.

Artisan blended & bottled in Amarillo, TX USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Kymber D.L.C.
The holy grail

Can’t go without this stuff. Seriously the best. Helps my dreads lock faster and smells so good 😍

Thanks for your review Kymber D.L.C!

Crown is a literal holy essential for us too!

Amanda T.
Soooo Goood!!!

Absolutely love the crown nectar it’s amazing and smells amazing also

Thanks Amanda T! So glad you love Crown Nectar. We do too!

Cassie C.

Can NOT live without. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how it nourishes my scalp, hair, and dreads. Triple Threat!!

Thanks Cassie! We're ecstatic to hear you LOVE Crown Nectar!
It is definitely THE go-to for scalp, hair and dreads! #TripleThreat

Samantha B.

Leave such a smooth and silky feel. Does not add weight to my head and feels so natural!

YAY Samanthat B! They look so great girl. Thanks for the review!

Kristiana H.

Absolutely love all products from this site.

Hey Kristiana H! Thanks for this picture and review.
We're thrilled to hear you love our products!

Taylor R.

Love how crown nectar helps tame the frizz. Makes separating dreads easy and moisturizes my hair and even hands!

Hey Taylor R! We love Crown Nectar too girl!
It really does make dreads a breeze. Thank for the review! We love this pitcture!!

Shonna D.

Divinity oil saved my daughter's split ends! She said, "it smells so good and doesn’t leave weird residue like store bought products."

Shonna D! So glad Divinity came to the rescue for your daughter and it didn't leave a residue.
We agree that it smells amazing! Thanks for the review!


The smell is amazing! The moisturizing effect on the dreads, my hair, even my hands from applying it. So lovely. It’s a grounded smell. A little pricy but the quality makes it absolutely worth it, especially when you receive a free sample with a larger dread purchase.

Kimberly A.
Love ❤️

Love, love the crown nectar. I use it twice a day!

Hey Kimberly! So glad you love the Crown Nectar!! We love it for our scalp, our locks and as a skin moisturizer! #AllTheThings
Thanks girl!


Smells so good and worked out so much better than anything else I've tried!