• Celestial Scrunchie Bundle
  • Celestial Scrunchie Bundle
  • Celestial Scrunchie Bundle
  • Celestial Scrunchie Bundle
  • Celestial Scrunchie Bundle
  • Celestial Scrunchie Bundle
  • Celestial Scrunchie Bundle
  • Celestial Scrunchie Bundle
  • Celestial Scrunchie Bundle
  • Celestial Scrunchie Bundle
  • Celestial Scrunchie Bundle
  • Celestial Scrunchie Bundle

Celestial Scrunchie Bundle

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Three (3) jumbo, custom satin scrunchies. Our exclusive jumbo scrunchies measure 4 inches in diameter at the center and 10 inches in diameter at the edge of the fabric.  They stretch up to 15 inches for comfort and ease of use with dreadlocks. They were designed specifically with the weight and thickness of dreadlocks and thick hair in mind.

Looks like:

A Celestial Summer Crown!

-This seasonal set includes a beautiful midnight blue “Night Sky” print with moon and stars. We brought our ideas for this scrunchie to a designer and they made our midnight dreams come true! This custom dyed design is one of a kind made just for you wildcrafted ladies! 

-A Sage Green Scrunchie that brings the greenery of the earth up closer to our crowns!

-Cream Jumbo Scrunchie, a beautiful neutral hair accessory that easily pairs with your summer shorts for warm weekends, or with your cost scrubs so you can pull your hair back for a full work day

Our Jumbo scrunchies can’t be found anywhere else as they are custom designed by and for Wildcrafted Beauty! From the size, to the patterns, the custom dyed satin specifically to our color, and even the elastic inside. We designed, tested , tweaked and redesigned again until they were absolutely perfect!

Feels Like:
Smooth, high quality satin. These Jumbo Scrunchies are gentle on your hair and dreads while providing secure hold for even the heaviest messy bun!


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      Scrunchies have a 30 day return and exchange policy.  

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Best scrunchies

      I just love these! The colors are so rich & stunning, the fabric is so smooth, and they look absolutely amazing with my dreads. The hold they give is so much better than my other regular scrunchies.

      Yay RC!! Thanks for the review and picture!
      We custom created some of those colors to make them perfect!!
      So glad you love all the things about our jumbo scrunchies!


      I love how big these scrunchies are! Really take you back to old school scrunchies!

      Riiiight!! Size does matter ... especially with scrunchies!
      Thanks for the review, Dana!

      Christina H.
      Biggest scrunchie ever!

      I have been looking for scrunchies for my hair that is big enough with no luck. Until now! Plus the colors are the best.

      They definitely win the jumbo-ist scrunchie ever prize girl!
      Thanks for the review Christina H!

      Alyssa S.
      so cute!

      these are adorable and really hold my hair up so much easier than using the smaller ones! i was worried these would be too big for the amount of dreads i use but they are perfect!

      Yay Alyssa! We love that our Jumbo Scrunchies work perfectly for you!!

      Alexis B.
      Love these scrunchies

      The Celestial bundle spoke to me cause I’m a moon child at heart and it’s the perfect color combo to go with so many things. They work with 10+ bundles of braid in dreads and are not tight and do not cause discomfort. If you have a thick head of natural hair I highly recommend these X-Large scrunchies!

      Well we're over the moon that our Celestial Bundle spoke to you, Alexis B.
      And we agree; the color combos, along with the versatility and comfort - cosmic magic girl!
      Thanks for this review and for recommending our Jumbo Scrunchies!

      Erin D.
      Just what I needed

      These giant scrunchies are perfect. Thank you wildcrafted beauty for making these available for us!

      YaY Erin D!!
      Soooo happy you;re loving our scrunchie!
      Thank you girl!!!