• Naked Facial Balance Bundle
  • Naked Facial Balance Bundle
  • The Wildcrafted Essentials Naked Facial Cleansing Bar moisturizes skin without it feeling heavy or greasy. Fights off blemishes & breakouts, clears away grime, dirt. It pulls toxins from the skin with the power of glacial clay, charcoal and essential oils and plant oils. This exfoliating face soap balances the PH in your skin while cleansing with antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It aids in reducing excess oil production in your skin.
  • Naked Facial Balance Bundle
  • Wildcrafted Essentials is one of the best natural, non-toxic skincare company for women that is Not an MLM. Infused with chemical free ingredients our simple to use luxury homeopathic beauty boxes include herbal plant oil ingredients that are great for sensitive, mature/anti-aging, breakout prone, and skin redness. Women of all skin tones and ethnicities love our natural, non toxic skin carekin care
  • Naked Facial Balance Bundle
  • Naked Facial Serum from Wildcrafted Essentials Facial serum: Reduce & restore blemishes ,Roll away puffiness ,Encourage cell regeneration for repairing, balancing and renewing damaged cells in the skin ,Antibacterial while keeping good flora on the skin ,Smoothe fine lines & love on wrinkles ,Renew, detox & firm skin.
  • Naked Facial Serum From Wildcrafted Essentials Facial serum: Reduce & restore blemishes ,Roll away puffiness ,Encourage cell regeneration for repairing, balancing and renewing damaged cells in the skin ,Antibacterial while keeping good flora on the skin ,Smoothe fine lines & love on wrinkles ,Renew, detox & firm skin.
  • Rescue Serum From The Wildcrafted Essentials calms angry bumps, blemishes, and breakouts. Restores skin tone and reduces signs of scarring, use on deep breakouts before your naked facial serum, fights free radicals in the skin causing aging, helps increase collagen production, absorbs UV light to help protect against scarring
  • Rescue Serum From The Wildcrafted Essentials calms angry bumps, blemishes, and breakouts. Restores skin tone and reduces signs of scarring, use on deep breakouts before your naked facial serum, fights free radicals in the skin causing aging, helps increase collagen production, absorbs UV light to help protect against scarring

Naked Facial Balance Bundle

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One 4.5oz  Facial Cleansing bar

One 20ml pump bottle of the Naked Facial Serum

One 10ml Roller of Rescue Serum

This bundle is a 30 -45 day supply depending on amount used


Naked Facial Cleansing bar
Feels like: Silky smooth moisturizing cleansing bar that leaves your skin feeling the most alive, soft and refreshed you have ever felt. It leaves NO build up on your skin, and STOPS the washing away of oils so your skin will not be left tight, and dry. But rather smooth, moisturized, gently and naturally exfoliated with a balancing of PH in your skin.
Smells like: A bright aroma of tea tree, lavender & juniper. It’s refreshing scent feels like you're standing on the edge of a cool mountain just outside your luxury bathroom cabin doors. 


Naked Facial Serum
Feels like: Gives you soft smooth skin that is moisturizing without feeling greasy, heavy, or thick. 
Smells like: A wisp of geranium & chamomile with an overlay of the other 14+ plant oils included in this moisturizing, skin balancing serum.

Rescue Serum
Feels like: Smooth & moisturizing while restorative to breakouts & discolorations
Smells like: Calm nutty scent of tamanu, with the clean scent of tea tree.

Benefits of this Bundle:

 -Restores skin tone and reduces signs of scarring


-Calms angry bumps


-Helps increase collagen production, absorbs UV light to help protect against scarring


-Rich, smooth, creamy & extremely moisturizing without being heavy or leaving residue for skin for anti wrinkling benefits


- Fights off blemishes & breakouts while restoring them


- Clears away grime and yuck of the day


- Latches onto toxins that cause aging and breakouts to pull them away from skin


- Works to lighten dark spots on the skin & even skin tone


- Removes dead skin with the power of glacial clay


- Balances PH in the skin


- Antibacterial & Antiseptic properties while keeping good flora on the skin


- Aids in reducing excess (too much) oil production


-Encourage cell regeneration for repairing, balancing and renewing damaged cells in the skin


-Smooth fine lines & love on wrinkles


-Renew, detox & firm skin


-Is like plant vitamins for the skin as the serum dives into each skin cell


- Like all of our products this one is created with your female hormones in mind. It Does NOT harm hormones, but instead includes ingredients that loves on all your hormones & body systems & encourages all of them to balance naturally.  we don't use hormone damaging chemicals or ingredients, instead ones that actually help feed your hormones & body systems


Possible purging for those who struggle with breakouts. It's a season of your skin pushing the “yuck” out so it can seek revival & restoration. In some people when switching skincare the skin will purge out toxins, this can cause blemishes as your body beautifully does it’s job to cleanse those away. After a few weeks your skin will complete the process and you will watch your skin begin to glow! If you know your skin tends to purge more than others, begin by using the serum 1 time a day for the first 7 days, then proceed to twice a day. 



You walk in from a long, busy, exhausting day. Your makeup is deeply set into your skin, and you feel the dried beads of sweat resting underneath the layers of dusty air from the wind blown day.

You hop in the shower, and reach for the rich smooth, creamy, aromatic bar of goodness on the shower shelf. You can’t wait to feel the cool aroma of tea tree touching your skin.  You gently massage the cleanser onto your tired cheeks seeking the NAKED face feeling you desperately desire. You feel the soft moisture filling your skin as it gives a smooth lather that clears away the day while the lavender soothes your sweet cheeks.

As you step out of the shower into the steam of the room you reach for your Rescue serum & gently roll the smooth serum across the breakout you felt forming on your chin, and you're so grateful to know that in just a few days it will have gone away.

You then reach out for your Facial serum, gently pressing 2 pumps into the palm of your hand. The aroma hits you like a peace and youthfulness you once had, but have come to miss. You gently lather the Naked facial serum onto your face and neck as the essential oils sink deeply into the cells of your body.


Bright, sweet, soft, fresh skin is what you desire. You want to feel young and vibrant, while aging with a beauty that screams “I so fiercely love this life of mine”.

The activated charcoal in the Facial Cleansing bar latches onto the things trying to pull the perfection away from your soft skin and drags it down the drain. The glacial clay rehydrates your skin to make it feel like it was misted by the clean mountain air that improves skin tone and pulls away dry flakey skin to bring you a beautiful smooth touch of skin royalty. We've added our magic fairy dust, Aritha powder, to this bar to create a natural lather created not from chemicals, but from the saponin of berries found in India.

The NAKED Facial Serum is filled with sweet aromas & skin balancing formulations created to bring balance to your skin in the age that it is. Filled with over 14 skin adoring plant oils this serum is brought from the earth, to your skin just screaming to love you as the ground was made to. It’s created to love on your skin’s fine lines by pouring moisture and adoration into your skin that screams “Age dear Queen, and become more beautiful as you do!”. The plant oils increase cell function & regenerate to tighten your skin. It dives in to restore the skin that carries blemishes and breakouts from the stresses of life.

Facial Cleansing Bar Ingredients:
Apricot Kernel Oil, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Kokum Butter, Mango Butter, Juniper, Lavender & Tea Tree essential plant oils, ritha (Sapindus mukorossi, soapnut, soapberry, Reetha, washnut, ritha),Charcoal, Glacial Clay

Facial Serum Ingredients:
Jojoba oil, colloidal silver, WE crafted skin balancing blend of 14 plant essential oils.

Rescue Serum Ingredients:

Jojoba oil, colloidal silver, tamanu oil, WE crafted blend of restoring essential oils

How to use:
Cleanse your skin thoroughly with the Facial Cleansing Bar. Then for painful, swollen or irritated breakouts roll the Rescue Serum on each spot, wait 5 minutes then apply Facial Serum to your entire face & neck. For breakouts that have already begun to heal, apply the Facial Serum then the Rescue Serum.

Wait 5 minutes after application before applying makeup.

Store outside of direct sunlight

Because our products are made with all raw ingredients, and we do not use any additives or preservatives, we recommend you use your products within 90 days of purchase.

Artisan blended & bottled in Amarillo, TX USA

This Serum is manufactured in a facility that uses nut oils.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Sara A.
Helps my eczema

I have been using all the items that come in the balance lately. My skin reacts to everything and all your products I’ve tried have done nothing but help in aiding my skin. It just feels so much happier and less angry. I’ve had mystery eczema issues since my daughter was born in 2015. So pretty much anything could set it off. But these products have truly helped my skin calm down with such minimal effort, which is even better

Mandy B.

My face don’t want to be without it! Not your average serum, not greasy, just right!

Hey Mandy B! Same. Our faces will never be without our Facial Serum either! Legit. Thanks for the review!

Jaime H.
I look forward to washing my face everyday

I have terrible adult acne and my skin loves these products I look forward to washing my face everyday just for the feels and I really do think they play a part in our hormones man what a difference i actually have energy again so deff loving the products 🥰

Let me tell you something!!!

These products are AMAZING! I have sensitive skin and bad eczema all over my hands. I only wash my face with water. If I use anything else I brake out badly. I received this free sample bundle when I ordered my dreads. I would have never bought it on my own. Before using I asked if it was safe for my eczema. I was told yes and it may even help. So I trusted and I tried!! My face, neck and hands have never looked better!! Its only been 3 days and my family is noticing how good my face looks!! The smell!!! So good!! Im so happy and grateful! This company is AMAZING!! The products fantastic and the EMAILS filled with information has really helped me and put me in a better place! Thank you for all your hard work!! Greatly appreciated!

Heather O.
This bundle is legit!!!

This bundle has been a game changer for me. Like seriously! I’ve dealt with hormonal acne my entire life. I’ve tried numerous products and still couldn’t get it under control. This bundle has allowed me to go makeup free and feel confident in my own skin for the first time in years. I still get small breakouts once a month but the rescue serum roller kicks them so quick when I apply it a few times a day. I’m so thankful for these products!

Connie M.
Incredible clean products!

I was trying to remove toxic skin care from my routine because I was struggling with acne, dark spots and rosacea. I stumbled upon Berlin’s products and I will never go back! My face has never been more smooth. I stuck with the product because it makes my skin feel so good. The results have been less redness, my acne scars have actually been healing, my dark spots are lightening and I am able to use a lot less foundation. I am a life long customer because I know I can trust whatever Berlin is putting out. I’ve been rather inconsistent with the research into clean products and Berlin makes it easy for skincare.

Kim V.
Stop thinking and buy it!

Your skin is going to thank you for this. You will notice how clean and soft it is right away. The bonus effects to consistent use is I’ve noticed fuller longer lashes and my nails get sooo strong. I love the integrity of this company Wildcrafted Essential cares deeply about what goes into the products. So I know I’m getting the best.

This bundle is IT!

All 3 of these products are prized possessions. After having to have outrageous face regimens my entire life- this one is easy and the most effective. It’s gentle, but WORKS. The soap bar consistently works better than any face wash I’ve tried, and I’m pretty sure I’ve tried EVERYTHING. If you keep it dry in between uses, it lasts forever. The naked serum needs 2 pumps for my whole face and keeps moisture. The rescue serum does its job without the negative side effects. I’m hooked!

Malori P.
Great for Summer AND Winter Skin!

Finding something that works in all seasons has been wonderful. I live in Michigan with hot, humid summers and cold, dry winters. In the summer I would always have great skin from my cheeks down, but ALWAYS excess oil on my forehead no matter how much I blotted. In winter, my forehead would be great but the inside edges of my cheeks and around my nose and chin would be flaky and dry. I also work out a lot and sometimes have breakouts flare up on my neck from sweating a lot. I have tried full facial systems from Mary Kay, Plexus, Arbonne, and countless others from the drug store (Aveeno, Oil of Olay, etc.). All of those products sat on top of my skin and were sort of a bandaid. And they took up way too much space in my routine and on my bathroom counter. The Naked Facial bundle is a solution to every issue I've listed above. This is the first time ever that I have found something that truly balances my skin and that I look forward to using. The cleansing bar is so creamy, feels great, and smells even better. And the facial serum to follow up soaks deep into my skin and also smells wonderful. Putting oil on oily skin seems counterintuitive, but it is the first thing in my 36 years that has stopped my forehead from producing so much excess oil. This system is as Berlin says "stupid easy" and so doable and exactly what I didn't know I needed.

Lindsay S.
Simple and pure

I can’t even explain how much I LOVE all these products however, Our household has been using for I think about 3 months or so. Due to us all having sensitive skin I was very hesitant to trying so I messaged Berlin to get the run down, so we gave it a try the facial cleanser is game changer for me, It leaves our faces and body clean, moisturized and smells deliciously clean not perfuming. The rescue serum my daughter and I use daily with my daughter being a young teenager her face has some blemishes but with using both serums, using the rescue and facial oil it has helped a great deal. Very thankful for wildcrafted essentials for creating such clean pure and simple products. I can’t say enough about it. Invest in your skin it will be worth it. 😀