Morning Dreadlock Care Routine

One of the most asked questions I get when it comes to Wavy Dreadlocks is “How do you care for them?” I think often times women think that wavy dreads are going to take tons of hours of work, when actually the opposite is true!

The average woman spends 40 minutes doing her natural hair each day. From washing, to blow drying to curling, it's all a process that most of the time we can’t rush.

But what if I told you that you could spend just 10 minutes or less on your hair each morning?
Would you want to hear more?

When I started wearing wavy braid in dreadlocks it was because I wanted a new look, but little did I know it would actually give me an all new morning too!

The care routine for synthetic dreadlock hair extensions is super simple and makes you feel like you woke up ready to go for the day. The girls in the hallmark movies aren’t the only ones who get to wake up with perfect hair, you can too!

So what does your new step by step morning routine with dreadlocks look like?

Step 1: Cooling Veil for instant relief!

Because your hair is held so still and perfectly parted in boxes it’s common for your scalp to have a little bit of itch. Which makes sense right? Your hair isn’t able to move your skin's natural oils around to keep your scalp moisturized. That’s where Cooling Veil comes in!

When that itch hits, reach for your bottle of Cooling Veil - Soothe Scalp, Stop Itch, Refresh Hair, Encourage Growth – Wildcrafted Beauty Give it a couple of mists on the top of your head, and you’ll instantly feel a bit of relief. Five minutes later, a cooling sensation will wash over your scalp, pushing that itching feeling to the back of your mind. As the cooling sensation fades, you’ll notice your scalp is more moisturized, like smoothing aloe on a fresh sunburn. Your scalp will be calm and happy, ready for the day ahead.

Step 2: Dreadlock Separation for Taming Frizz

It’s inevitable, your wavy dreadlocks WILL stick together and they WILL get frizzy! Especially as they are going through the first 3 phases of the maturing process but don’t worry girl! We've got you covered.
 Divinity Crown Nectar - Moisturize, Tame Frizz, Strengthen – Wildcrafted Beauty is your secret weapon for perfect separation. Put a generous amount in your hand and smooth it down a chunk of your long, gorgeous locks. Gently separate each dread, detangling and watching as each strand of hair begins to tangle into a perfect dreadlock. You’ll repeat the process a couple more times, finishing with a half-pump around the frame of your face to decrease that frizz halo. The clean, light aroma of natural plant oils inside this divine nectar will awaken your senses, making dreadlock separation easier and more enjoyable than ever.

Step 3: Jumbo Scrunchie for the perfect style

You have your new dreads and now you are trying to get used to having SO.MUCH.HAIR!
Now that your Cooling Veil is on and your separation is done you reach for your regular hair ties… “Well crap! That’s not going to hold these, now what?”

Girl, we gotchu! Our Blossom Scrunchie Bundle – Wildcrafted Beauty are made specifically for you dreadlock girlies! They are 3 times the size of your average scrunchie with an extra strong elastic, making it 10 times easier to style your dreads. Whether you want to quickly pull your dreads back in a loose half pony or you are ready to throw those bad boys up in a giant bun, your jumbo scrunchie has got your back!

“But what about wash day? What is that like?”

I’m so glad you asked!

For most dreadlock queens wash day comes once a week and it’s just as simple as washing your natural hair. For washing your double ended dreadlock extensions we recommend our Divinity Shampoo Bar - For All dreadlocks + Fine/Curly Natural Hair – Wildcrafted Beauty it's specifically made to be safe for the fibers of your dreads and formulated to be PH balancing for your scalp and to help improve the health of your hair. You’ll simply massage your scalp with the shampoo bar and then follow that up by running the bar down your hair with a praying hands movement. The super moisturizing bar won’t suds a ton because it’s busy adding moisture and health to your skin, hair and dreadlocks.

Once you are done, simply give your dreadlocks a rinse, dry them with a towel and then let them air dry or blow dry. Follow up by doing Steps 1-3 above.

Queen, you deserve the best, and so do your dreadlocks. With Wildcrafted Beauty, every day can be a good hair day. Treat yourself and your dreads to the royal treatment!


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