• Ocean - Ribbon Accent Dread
  • Ocean - Ribbon Accent Dread
  • Ocean - Ribbon Accent Dread
  • Ocean - Ribbon Accent Dread

Ocean - Ribbon Accent Dread

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One (1) Double ended Ribbon Accent Dread. Dread has been banded so it can easily installed & removed in a single ended style if you prefer. 

Looks like:
An Aroura dreadlock wrapped with ribbons of green, blue and pearls.

Feels Like:
Light in weight & easy to install 

Installation & Removal:

This dreadlock accent is a double ended dread accessory that will look like you have two accents in. The Ribbon Accent Dread will come to you with the end banded together for a single ended installation option.

To install as a single ended installation simply slide one of your dreadlocks through the loop at the top, then pull on each side to tighten the band like you would when tightening a ponytail. This method makes it simple to remove for washing to keep it's clean look and avoid color fading.

You may also remove the band and braid it into your hair like a double ended dreadlock if you choose. 


      Order details:

      Because these are a custom limited edition product we do have NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGE POLICY on this item. All sales are final on dreadlock accents. 

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      For details on our Color Love Guarantee on our regular braid in dreadlock extensions look HERE